Plus-30 Program for Accounting Graduates

The Plus-30 Program is an online post-baccalaureate credit-completion program designed for students with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting to “close the gap” toward the 150 credit-hour requirement for CPA licensure. The program allows students who have already met the CPA’s general business and accounting coursework through a completed Accounting degree to earn any additional credit hours needed to reach 150 that remain after their baccalaureate study.

Students admitted to the Plus-30 Program may select any undergraduate course offering for which they meet the course criteria and have not already earned college credit in the course of their baccalaureate degree program. The Plus-30 Program grants credit hours only, and does not confer any credential upon completion of the credit hours needed to reach the 150 total.

For information, email or call 504-864-7936.